At Wave Engine Corp., we have cultivated a unique set of capabilities and expertise over the years to advance the most promising technological leap in aviation for decades. We bring together leading scientific experts, multi-disciplinary engineering teams, master craftsmen and the most skillful test pilots to develop and deploy wave engine technologies for demanding real-world applications. Read more about our rapidly growing capability and skill sets:


With years of experience in aerospace propulsion, combustion and acoustics, we have developed unique and powerful computational tools for wave engine design. We also possess expertise in all aspects of machine and electronic design for the development of engine sub-systems ranging from fuel supply to electronic control.


From CNC machining and metal rolling, to welding and electronics assembly, Wave Engine Corp. has a comprehensive manufacturing capability under one roof to rapidly iterate and deliver high-performance engine systems.


Custom designed and built for this purpose, Wave Engine Corp. operates an 8′ x 8′ engine test chamber, which is co-located with manufacturing and assembly for rapid iteration and on-demand testing.


Access to, and experience with, wind tunnel testing of running engines. We have access to facilities that allow testing up to 200 mph of full-scale engines for any application.


Extensive experience with airframe integration and flight testing of wave engine technologies. Wave Engine Corp. owns customized test aircraft and has access to a range of high-performance aircraft for testing across the flight envelope.