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Our mission

Wave changes everything

Historically, speed has come at a steep price. Whether it is General (Personal) Aviation or unmanned tactical platforms, the cost and complexity of modern jet (turbine) engines has been a consistent headwind in the way of affordable high-performance aircraft.

Now, our technology is poised to create a new economic reality, enabling jet speeds at dramatically lower cost and scale. We’re ushering in an era where UAVs and personal aircraft offer the same performance as regional airliners with unprecedented simplicity to create a more connected and sustainable world.

aerial shot of aircraft in flight powered by a wave engine
Our History​

The journey


First full-scale prototype engines developed and tested at the University of Maryland.


Development and testing advances with a customized test facility and support from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO).


Wave Engine Corp. raises $1.45M in a Seed round with participation by the Maryland Momentum Fund, Abell Foundation and Gula Tech Adventures.


Wave Engine Corp. is awarded $2.85M by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue engine development for high-performance UAV applications.


The first manned aircraft powered by a Wave Engine Corp. propulsion system takes flight, signifying a major leap in technological readiness.


Wave Engine Corp. is contracted by USAF to begin development of its first air-launched vehicle, the Versatile Air-Launched Platform (VALP), to advance vehicle integration and mid-air start technology.


The company raises $3.5M in a Seed-II round with participation by Gula Tech Adventures, Kevin Mahaffey, Abell Foundation, Maryland Momentum Fund and Asymmetry Ventures to accelerate product development.


Wave Engine Corp. demonstrates application of its propulsion technology for high-speed UAVs and launches its first product, the J-1 engine.

Our People

The team taking us forward

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