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J-1 wave engine


  • Thrust:55 lbf
  • Availability:12 weeks lead time

The J-1 engine is suitable for high-speed UAVs up to 200 lbs gross weight. The engine package includes a fuel supply system and digital Engine Control Unit (ECU), and features the characteristic affordability, simplicity and instant-start operation of wave engine technology.

K-1 wave engine


  • Thrust:220 lbf
  • Availability:Please inquire

The K-1 engine is designed for aircraft up to 1,000 lbs gross weight. The K-1 features the same digital control and simplicity as the J-1 engine, at a cost point dramatically lower than turbine propulsion solutions.



  • Gross Weight:100 lbs
  • Max. Payload:20 lbs
  • Availability:Please inquire

The Scitor UAV is a cost-effective series of flight-proven 100 lbs-class vehicles designed with an emphasis on performance and affordability. It provide flight speeds up to 200 ktas for attritable or short duration applications, including aerial target and payload missions.

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